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Как и обещала, вывешиваю сюда третий наш эфир с Олегом про коронавирус и его влияние на экономику. Вот тут первый и второй эфиры. Под катом список источников информации от Олега, которыми он пользуется.

Since all sources are in English here (but the first one), my description is in English as well:

  1. Единственное, что я могу посоветовать на русском (поскольку не слежу) – это Facebook блог Кости Сонина, у него и свои колонки и много интересных ссылок (например, не могу не порекомендовать вот эту).
  2. For general audience interested in Economics of Covid-19, I highly recommend the Princeton BCF webinar series hosted by Markus Brunnermeier every Monday and Friday and offering lectures by the leading economists, including many Nobel laureates. In particular, I recommend the following two:
    1. A Lecture on Macroeconomics by Olivier Blanchard
    2. A Lecture on Global Trade by Penny Goldberg
  3. Project-Syndicate (more general-audience) and VoxEU (more econ-audience) are two nice aggregators, where top economists often contribute opinion pieces and summaries of recent research, and they both now feature whole sections on Covid-19.  But here you have to be selective. For example, I liked a recent op-ed by my former PhD classmate: Steven Hamilton, Stan Veuger: A recession is a public health necessity – let’s keep it short. Or this one by two top international macroeconomists: PIERRE-OLIVIER GOURINCHAS, CHANG-TAI HSIEH: The COVID-19 Default Time Bomb.
  4. NYTimes, FT and WSJ have many excellent op-eds every day. For example, I liked this one by Israeli historian and best-selling author of Sapiens: Yuval Noah Harari: The World after Coronavirus. Or this one by Harvard Epidemiologist: Marc Lipsitch: Who Is Immune to the Coronavirus?
  5. Occasionally, I enjoy the NYTimes Daily podcast. For example, this interview with Dr. Fauci, the US top infectious decease official: A Conversation With Dr. Anthony Fauci, or this interview with a medical nurse in New Orleans: On the Front Lines in New Orleans, and they had a few other good ones recently (on the role of the US Governors, the shortage of medical supplies, etc).
  6. I am a big fan of the 538 US Politics podcast, which has a lot of Covid-19 coverage now, for example the most recent edition: These Are Our Priors For The General Election. Their editor-in-chief, Nate Silver, has an active twitter with lots of useful information on Covid-19 now:

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  1. Спасибо огромное, очень интересно!
    Можно ли попросить Олега ссылки на его работы или мнение? Как на него сослаться, на то, что он говлрит на видео?

    Вот эта ссылка не работает, к сожалению, On the Front Lines in New Orleans.
    Еще раз спасибо)) Вы очень крутые оба) и вся ваша семья)

  2. Спасибо за полезный контент! Буду ещк раз переслушивать.

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